Why Your Marketing Content is Underperforming
Sam Houghton

Sam Houghton


7th October 2019

Why Your Marketing Content is Underperforming

Creating content that looks great is the most important part of any marketing strategy, right? Actually, it’s just the start...

Creating content that looks great is the most important part of any marketing strategy, right?

Actually, it’s just the start...

You’ve just had an eGuide produced. It’s stunning. Glorious. The design and copywriting coming together in perfect harmony. Surely this is it. The golden ticket.

You attach the guide to an email, send it to all of your contacts and wait for the phone to ring.


Okay, okay. So the eGuide didn’t go down in the way you’d hoped. But this time, you’ve had a no-expense-spared video produced. It’s been directed by the local Speilberg. It stars a famous local actor. How can this fail?!

You upload ‘YOUR_COMPANY_NAME_FINAL_MASTER_003’ to YouTube.


What’s going on? The content that’s been created is brilliant, so why are you not getting the results you were promised?

The truth is your content won’t thrive in isolation. Your e-guide and video are showstopping pieces of content, but there are many pieces to the marketing puzzle - and you need the whole picture.

A great way of doing this is to use these focal pieces of marketing content to create additional assets and build a well-rounded campaign that will deliver the results that you’ve dreamt of.

We call this process sweating your assets.

Sounds a bit gross right? What does it mean?

Sweating your assets is making sure you get the most from your high-value content to maximise return. There is no golden ticket in marketing. All of the content that you produce needs to form part of a bigger picture.

For example, instead of sending out an eGuide as an attachment, why not build a series of articles based around the same content first? Then share these articles with eye-catching images on social media. Encourage those that want to find out more to sign up to your newsletter. Create an attractive landing page on your website. Even boost your posts with paid advertising on your customers preferred platforms. Then when your audience are really listening, deliver that beautiful eGuide.

Or what about that video ‘YOUR_COMPANY_NAME_FINAL_MASTER_003’ that didn’t do so well? What about titling and tagging all of your content correctly to increase visibility on Google and YouTube? Creating short cutdown versions of the video to form a teaser campaign across Instagram and Facebook? Spending a small portion of your budget to run your video as a pre-roll ad on YouTube? Creating an interactive microsite for customers to land on once they’ve seen the video?

The possibilities go on and on.

So think about how you can form a well-rounded campaign and get more eyes on your content, and if you have an underperforming, but great piece of content already, ask how you can sweat your assets and make a real impact with it.

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