Pieces of the Marketing Puzzle
Sam Houghton

Sam Houghton


8th October 2019

Pieces of the Marketing Puzzle

What are your end goals? What are you looking to create? Who is your target audience? All questions you can ask your marketing team when you approach a new design job.

Marketing is an intricate puzzle that will deliver you incredible results once you’ve got all of the pieces in place. These results can be whatever you need: more traffic, increased awareness or stronger sales.

But the marketing puzzle isn’t just about finding the right segments; it’s also about exceptional creativity and design. You might have all of the right pieces, but when you put them in their correct positions, is the final result something that you would show to other people? Is it going to attract people in, or make them look away?

Each campaign needs to line up to your company’s visions and goals as well as reaching your aims for the campaign. By having a well structured, bespoke marketing plan, alongside perfect design work, you’ll ensure that your assets really do make the difference you’re looking for.

Unsure what your business needs for their next marketing campaign? Or just curious to see what the marketing puzzle contains?

Either way, you can be sure that our infographic below will spark your imagination and help you see what pieces might be missing from your marketing puzzle.


Having so many different types of assets that can be designed for your business ensures that everything you need is covered. Having strong assets and branding will ensure you continue to generate leads and smash those goals.

Creating a campaign where each asset is supporting the main objectives will ensure that it’s a seamless route to your end goal. For example, from one video you could create 4 blogs, an infographic, an e-guide and a landing page which all relate. This means that your message is being reinforced in a variety of different styles, as well as collating around 3 months worth of assets from one original piece of content - pretty cool right?

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