Naveo Case Study
Ben Godlington

Ben Godlington

Senior Designer

15th October 2019

Naveo Case Study

Mixing formats, traditional and modern to reach and resonate with the target audience.

Content promotion and collateral production can take many different forms. With the world of marketing always changing it’s important to ensure that your content can be tailored to your values, messages and audience. Seamlessly switching between traditional and modern marketing tactics to suit your brief allows you to not only tell your audience how great you are but also show them, using a diverse range of content.

NAVEO approached us with just this in mind.

NAVEO is a new boutique aviation management consultancy that needed to target key decision-makers. After understanding their target audience (predominantly Blue Chip companies), it was clear that we needed to use traditional marketing techniques to target these individuals. By personalising traditional promotion we were able to incorporate NAVEO’s existing style and brand into targeted, tailored collateral that resonated with their current and potential clients’ values.

Personalisation was fundamental to making this campaign a resounding success. From websites to tailored emails, personalisation is a huge trend in design and is essential for making customers feel valued.

But personalisation is nothing new, just because it’s being used in more innovative ways, doesn’t mean that traditional methods aren’t still important and effective with certain target audiences. With this in mind, we decided that personalised, printed, direct mail content would be the best solution. This included a short and snappy leaflet detailing NAVEO’s offerings, alongside a personalised letter from the client, all sealed in a branded NAVEO envelope. Distributed directly to NAVEO’s current and potential clients to inform and educate on what Naveo has to offer; this was a message that couldn’t be ignored.

"It was easy working with Future Proof Design. They were proactive, responsive and not afraid of challenging our preconceived ideas. We brainstormed potential approaches and collaborated on the final designs. The output fully met our needs for professional, classy marketing material that delivered on its objectives”

Richard Brown, Managing Director, NAVEO Limited

The leaflet needed to feel high end, which is why we used a luxurious paper stock and high-quality lithographic print. The leaflets were created and printed to meet a short deadline alongside branded envelopes These were then distributed by the client to a targeted list prior to the main website launch.

They were met with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

"Client’s were impressed with the look and feel, and clear on-point messaging” 

Richard Brown, Managing Director, NAVEO Limited

We believe there’s something intrinsically valuable in physical print. Having something in your hand infers a value that is lost with an email where you can simply click ‘delete’. Especially when what you produce is of high quality.

Many people have shied away from the use of print in recent years in favour of digital design. But here at Future Proof Design, we believe that you must use the whole spectrum of design; what is effective in one instance may not be the best method for another project.

We looked to follow this up with messaging on Linkedin as all effective campaigns tie together, so we made sure to tap into Richards extensive connections. This all helped to strengthen the direct mail message and made those individuals that received the letters feel a little bit special. Already being aware of what was happening with NAVEO, they had a preview of its offering before anyone else and being personally targeted further reinforces the strengths of direct mail and personalisation.





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