Future Marketing Trends 2020
Ben Godlington

Ben Godlington

Senior Designer

9th January 2020

Future Marketing Trends 2020

Looking forward to see the marketing trends that will influence design and marketing in 2020

Making sure you’re ahead of the game is always important in an industry that’s constantly evolving. What’s on-trend and ‘current’ soon looks out of date as technology develops. 10 years ago smartphones didn’t exist, but today it feels hard to imagine a world without them. Developing new content for new technology brings new trends, so let's take a look at what’s set to be popular over the next 12 months and how you can be sure to stand out against the competition and be ahead of the marketing game.

Agile and flexible working is becoming the mainstay of business operations, with employees given the freedom and also responsibility of their own work hours. Being able to work in any location at any time of the day allows your marketing team to react quickly and organically. With this in mind, we foresee an increase in reactive marketing, where a campaign can develop quickly as a result of real-world events, competitor actions or developing social trends.

You can tailor your content to the watercooler conversations of the day, hour or even minute. Specsavers have been using this method with great success over the past few years, several of their campaigns have been tongue in cheek social commentary on various blunders of the rich and famous. Expect to see a lot more of this in 2020, and start making sure you have your ear to the ground and be on top of current affairs with your marketing strategy.

Streamlined social consumption is on the rise, users are increasingly concentrating on a smaller number of platforms and abandoning others. There is a big swing away from Facebook in recent years, though it’s never been a strong platform for B2B marketing. Combined with the rise of the alternative platforms, influencer lead disruptive content is set to become key in marketing. The rise of Tiktok is opening new opportunities for business’ to promote themselves. However, don’t be put off by the current demographics (largely under 30s and 66% female), early adopters tend to be tech-savvy and at the core of all new trends online.

There is also a marked move away from Instagram with a decline in users, this can be attributed to the rise of Snapchat, the increased restrictions on searches, issues with hidden likes and also a migration of some users to Pinterest as a visual platform alternative.

The coloured gradient has become a big trend over the past couple of years and doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon. It’s certainly not a new trend, but gradients are looking to become more complex. For example, the new animated Facebook logo combined gradients and colour to represent the different sub-brands within Facebook. Using fresh and unusual colour combinations is a great way of differentiating from the cliche early 2000’s feel. Across the next 12 months, we think that there will be a move towards animated and dynamic gradients, showing movement in both shape and colour shift.

Make sure your marketing strategy leads the way in 2020 by getting in contact with Future Proof Design to see how we can help you grow. Minimalism is key, we have already seen the trend of simple, flat vector-based design become the norm, the next stage is to take that further with a decluttered approach to your brand and it’s content. It’s all about white space and the clean look, increasingly brands are looking to demote their logos as small as possible on a page and get rid of unnecessary information. We are strong believers in saying it how it is, there is nothing worse than business jargon, it’s time to declutter, and say it how it is with both words and imagery. It is said you have roughly 15 seconds to capture someone before they leave your website, and if it takes longer than that to even work out what you do, you’re doing something wrong! Less is more.

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