Agile Working, Agile Design
Ben Godlington

Ben Godlington

Senior Designer

10th October 2019

Agile Working, Agile Design

The future of the workplace is evolving, stay ahead of the game

The workplace is evolving. The 9-5 culture is being broken. Employees are demanding to be more flexible. Whether it’s working from home, from Costa with a spiced pumpkin latte or whilst travelling between meetings on the train. People want to be able to work on their terms, and there’s no reason why they shouldn't. More than 70% of businesses will look to adopt a mobile working culture by 2020. 

This evolution is changing the face and the culture of office environments. Instead of large faceless companies, there is a notable shift to individual specialists and small companies offering a strong individual service. These smaller, more agile companies are out-competing the big guns because they are able to quickly adapt. Bringing in support on tasks where needed and being able to scale to a clients needs. That’s got to be a strong proposition.

But it’s not just the office that’s changed, with the introduction of 5G networks promising wireless 24/7 connectivity, it’s even more important to be always live and accessible from anywhere. This growing trend reflects the way we consume information, spur of the moment and on the go, people want to be able to engage with the content they want, when they want it and in a format they choose. Delivering content this way is fundamental to successful campaigns.

Making sure your content is optimised and agile is essential to a successful marketing campaign. There’s no use having a desktop only website if your research shows most people engage from a smartphone, that’s a sure fire way to lose a customer base.

Partnering with the right company who understands this evolution is becoming more important to help you stay ahead of the game. We understand the evolving change and work in an agile way to scale easily to your needs in a market that demands adaptability.

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